World of Tanks – The IS-3 Auto

Premium Tank review time, already available on the NA server and coming soon to EU, it’s the autoloading IS-3 that isn’t really an autoloading IS-3.

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  1. Shane Cooper

    Thanks for the vid, I just got the tank in a ps4 opp, and like it so far, one point to note in standard shell stats is that shell velocity is 1400mps which is awesome for many long snap shots.

  2. WestChi

    "Surprise butt sex is the best kind of butt sex….ohhh and it burns too"-Jingles LMAO

  3. Dire Firefly

    "1 costs money and 1 costs time and effort"

    laughs in console peasant in fatherland

  4. Some Guy

    its coming free to earn on console so that's why I'm here

  5. Br3akin4nkl3s sh4tt3rindr34m5

    I play WoTB (Blitz) not pc, and the IS-3A (auto) is the same as the IS-3D (defender) in Blitz. Interesting to know.

  6. Sub4Knifes

    Why does he call console players peasents :p

  7. Caleb Tynes

    We'll be earning this tank for free on console. Time to break out the tank reviews!

  8. Šašo Počmáraný

    you could just say: IS-3A is just as bullshit overpowered like the IS-3 but it's a prem tank and no loader

  9. Slayer 37

    There is also a tank called the IS-3 defender in world of tanks blitz that is the same thing

  10. Mr Bucket

    Its bald head is really triggering me for some reason

  11. Brot Zockt

    Does your Wife also like surprise buttsex? O_O

  12. IM_D3RPY_FTW

    I suppose to play world of tanks but this one player keeps kicking my ass…

  13. Creeperjr 5

    to think this thing came out 10 months ago, I remember it like it was yesterday

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