World of Tanks: The last SPG

That always happens.

Sadly someone in my family destroyed my Leman Russ tank ;(

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Music used:
World of Tanks by
Team Fortress 2 by Valve

Sound/Voices used:
World of Tanks by
Team Fortress 2 by Valve

Taken photos: 1939
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 10
Camera used: Sony SLT-A58

Idea: APC227
Filming: APC227
Editing: APC227

Thanks again!


  1. Ryszard Kubik


  2. Fatih Apaydın

    Race ?! Well then

  3. блок страйк про 228 :-D

    Wher is you buy houses ???

  4. RabbaDooDabba

    spess mahreens

  5. Suojeluninja

    I once killed the remaining enemy team by myself one by one in a Grille with maxed camouflage. Though they were enough stupid to come one at a time.

  6. CJH200iiWii

    0:57 cringe voice activated.

  7. Mr. SmithTM

    The last

  8. Valitte 03

    so…. is this tf2 or wot???

  9. kyre780PL GAMING

    0:10 xD

  10. Yun-Tong Yuan

    where you get all ur tanks m8?

  11. Zёбра
  12. Adonisplayz Kidscraft YT

    Been here since 1k

  13. lavy 175 THE GAME's

    OMG…,Where you buy that tanks?

  14. Libex

    0:10 Possesed Nashorn

  15. Javier Colin Basilio

    Jajajaja muy buana muy buena

  16. Blackout Gaming 2014

    Omg spy everywhere

    Tf2 everywhere

  17. Pclone 501


  18. World's anthems and Historic songs

    1:55 my team in a nutshell

  19. Clash Polska

    beautiful tanks !