World of Tanks – The Rarely Seen Derp Cromwell

World of Tanks Cromwell with derp howitzer. You hardly ever see any WoT Cromwell players using the 3.7″ howitzer because its awful! However occasionally, it makes for the funniest of games… 😉

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Is this where World of Tanks is heading? „Premium Ammo Spam – The Future of World of Tanks?“

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Bartek Łupiński

    Youre very lucky!!!

  2. games and drandom stuff

    This video inspired me to get a Cromwell and I only use the derp

  3. Yousuf Hasan - YH World

    U like derp cannon right ? Change your name Derpy Jedi !!

  4. Apple Thug

    The Centaur

  5. Ya boi Stormz

    Omg lol I thought I was the only one that didn't plays derp crom

  6. ChrisEngle87

    alecto with the derp gun, 3 marks of excellence, 1k games, love the shit out of it. also pz iv h with the derp, tons of fun, 2 marks, nearly 800 games 😛

  7. Tony Valdez

    British derp guns suck,if you not use zoom shot go straight if you zoom shot go up and down like arty:)

  8. David Fink

    herp a derp!!!

  9. Marcel A

    derp Cromwell seems fun. i did that with my Comet for shits and giggles and was still successful

  10. Madden 2000

    Who is this jingles wannabe

  11. Sleepy .Time

    almost every video i watch of WOTs these days at least one person will be left on 1hp….laughably rigged RNG is laughable

  12. Bryghtblade917

    I found on the cruiser 2 with this derp gun ,using auto aim seemed to be WAY more accurate, I landed 7 to 8 shots out of 10 and at long range the plunging shot was deadly( and unexpected) even had players crying about invisible artillery lol. Even the great and mighty Jingles noticed that the gun seemed more accurate with the auto aim. I would get a lock on and if possible drop down behind a ridge or rise and fire before losing the lock, the targets never even knew what hit them lol.

  13. Eric Lee

    i wonder if it can outrun its own shell?

  14. Thomas West

    Speaking of derp, I used the derp on the KV-1 with a HEAT round and one shot a cromwell.

  15. Dylanus Primus

    I only use the Derpwell!

  16. TrippyWolfGaming

    W E C A N T S E E T H E T A R G E T

  17. Diamant Haren

    A convernater with a howitzer is super op

  18. Rick Rolled

    I had the Cruiser II. I whooped ass with it. New nickname is "The Long Schlong of Monarchy"

  19. Él Bláñd

    Can someone tell me why I see people seizurize their reticle right when firing?

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