World of Tanks – The Return of The TROLLCANNON

I’ve been a bad gnome, it’s been far too long since I did one of these.


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  1. Grant Rama Bucaj

    0.41 accuracy my fat ass

  2. Tim B

    I know the ISU-152 is a great TD with the BL-10 gun, but grinding through the SU-152 at tier 7 is just painful at best. As soon as you are spotted, your dead.

  3. aaron2x4

    That Execution intro

  4. Mark Welschmeyer


  5. Jake Hefferman

    The ISU-152 is and always will be my favourite tank in the entire game. It's insane with the new matchmaking. A 100% crew, brothers in arms, a rammer, vents and a gun laying drive pushes the DPM well over 3000. It can change the tide of battle with as little as 1 shot. That being said. It's paper, and as Jingles said, "sometimes it trolls you just as hard as it trolls the enemy". Most people, however, don't expect this thing to reload in under 14 seconds.

  6. Troll Mander

    i did with this gun 7 k damge thats how good this thing is

  7. iTzChimpy

    I havent seen jingles in a while, is Rita still living with him?

  8. oshin wane


  9. mr.x

    You are an old player on this game, what happened to your first account ?

  10. thijs hagenbeek

    ''damage by ramming'' BOOM!

  11. ChromenGuy

    Finally, a fellow Romanian replay shown by Jingles. 😀

  12. camieabz

    Now arty can't carry a 1 v 1 game at end. Thx WG, and bb.

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