World of Tanks – The Tiny Tier Four Teutonic Terror

It’s small, it’s quick, it’s perfectly formed. It’s the worlds‘ cutest tank! Parental advisory – this video contains cruelty to small tanks, viewer discretion is advised.

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  1. DarkLordofHistory

    that poor Matilda 🙁


    That's a weird looking seamoth….

    Oh wait..

  3. DarkLordofHistory

    Best comparison of the Luchs and the Chaffee. XuX

  4. PurpleWorldOrder

    the Dummkopfwagen

  5. Paulo II

    Now where do I get a stout pair of lederhosen, that sounds like a greta thing to have.

  6. TuxedoedErmine Naswall

    I was playing wot with my friend and hes used to seeing my tog. Well he saw a the little British medium three in a fail platoon next to me and shouted "look its a Tog-ler" XD im dying

  7. Alexander Larsen

    actually i think the tetrarch could be a contestor for cutest tiny tank

  8. nick hemmers

    The intro kinda stolen from world of lols

  9. noLieBowtie

    I love the chaffee

  10. Michael von Hirschmann

    So…. what map was that IS 7 intro on?

  11. Solo Wing Borders

    Cutest tank? If you like you're German blondes, then it'll be the Luchs. For me the cutest tank is the Ke-Ho with it's youthful Japanese looks and charm despite being a little ditsy.

  12. The Crazy Pineapple

    That poor DW2… It's very common for newbies to see "AHA there's a heavy tank on tier 4, I don't have to grind 10k+ exp!" and go for the DW2, and then suffer horribly. Been there, done that, not only is the DW2 an awful, awful machine (and I'm saying this despite liking it in a weird way and having two Ace Tankers on it), but combined with lack of experience with such tanks it's devastating to play.

  13. Charles Courtwright

    a good luchs driver with that 30mm auto cannon is a pain in the ass for matildas, should kow have like 400 games in that tank

  14. Neil Wilson

    It's not always luchs that count. Sometimes it's talent and personality. Heh.

  15. Capt Oblivious

    oh my god damnit jingles.. get out

  16. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    Why does the luchs in pc look better in combat damage then in blitz. Like I can barley pin a matilda with AP and I have to use APCR.