1. Zach Jones


  2. Rikki Richardson

    its kinda like that one person in warships who is a bit torpedo happy

  3. DeepPastry

    Damnit, why does AgentMorty (the T57 douche) is on the NA server.

  4. TestDriver

    This is the reason I rarely play anymore. Douchebags and trolls, angry idiots and retards who forgot that it's just a game.

  5. Kevin Taylor

    Why ? Just…..why

  6. Jeff Allen

    This game is so fucking broken that shit for brains like this T57 are allowed to play after doing bullshit like this!

  7. Jynx Draxxin

    Some people are total morons…

  8. Stefan Gohl

    that asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  9. Nexfero

    Type 57 Heavy is best teamate

  10. Neil Rooney

    What a total cock

  11. Gergely Juhasz

    wow, that made me laugh

  12. Lisa winn

    There's always a douchbag like that in game, I'll be remembering that ones name.

  13. ken bishop

    having been push into the open to get shot at, team killed because I capped .shot because I was faster to a certain point. and many other situs that show there is very little team in some peoples minds when they play world of tanks .they may go blue but they still pop up .again may the mighty boo be with you ,cheers.

  14. Jameson Dymond

    He’s only a corporal report this to his higher ups please

  15. daniel rotter

    i think the tvp could drive around the cliff side, and get to the m40 location

  16. samghost13

    Cool! Thank You or not?

  17. MazeFrame

    Why the fuck?
    Please let that be a banable offense!