World of Tanks || Thunderbolt VII – 1 vs 9

World of Tanks – Thunderbolt VII today JH3LLSKULL has his work cut out for him in the T6 Premium American medium, the Thunderbolt VII as he goes 1 vs 9!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code „QBWOT“ to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Dusan Bojic
  2. ejune98

    This replay is ridiculous…

  3. Jiří Rudolf

    You talking so much. Shut your mouth for second.

  4. OxonHammer

    I keep seeing all these games where the enemy queue up to attack, one by one, and all get killed in turn. Is this usual for the PC players? This never happens on the Xbox. They all come at you at once!

  5. Ifti the Gamer

    lmao "Major Woody Cocker"

  6. E A

    So predictable. Another game featuring a Premium tank at top tier. QB, you are like the used car salesman for WoT

  7. jakeawht

    Does the same thing happen for the skills with the reward female crew members too???

  8. Humanitarian

    did i just watch wg commercial?

  9. Lazarus284

    He was only lucky because of really unskilled new players to get these battle-results…

  10. Rob Bleeker

    I do not really see the purpose of buying the brothers in arms crew skill, when you can train it for free as well…. Honestly, I think that WoT fuks you over by giving some pretend goody

  11. Sevilla546 WOT

    Hi Quickybaby. What is the skill, the second one you have on your Sheridan gunner? Is it "designated target"? Why do you found it so important I think I have seen it in most of your tanks?

  12. sovelis holimion

    Ignore the stupid comments qb… people that watch the video without listening to what u aay are not worth your time ^-^

  13. MrSwiftblade

    Don't female crews work the same?

  14. Cristian Falon

    This replay could be named "what happens when most of the enemy team refuses to fire gold".

  15. ShipTiger 42

    Well this one is "pay to win " Is your choice if you want to shortcut your tanks skills just like QB says if you want tp get 5 skills for your crew fast sometimes you just nead to "pay to win"I know Pay to win is abit silly cuz you nead to put money into the game but sometimes you have to pay a few bucks to get that hard achievement that you always want to get it but in my opinion i like to "pay to win" in wot thats me i dont know why. XD

  16. Konstantin Ackermann
  17. MirCorporation

    This would be a Rasseinian's Hero medail if that god damn FV304 didn't steal the kill in the begining

  18. gridlok

    Of course this Thunderbolt rekt the enemy team 90% of the enemy team were muppets look at the win rate of them and wn8 of course he could do it in that tank. But hell ya i bought the tank and the tiger131 a couple times so i got the gold cause i already owned it and then i have 8 or 10 guys from each of the tanks with B.I.A. for free so i think i have in total i have guys from the berlin quartet double of them and the tiger131 and thunderbolt so that's an awesome deal when ever them tanks come back out for sale i will buy it again just to get the gold and B.I.A. again cause its a no brainer.

  19. StronkiTube

    I literally NEVER get top tier with the Thunderbolt. Just my luck, eh?

  20. Flugmorph

    there arent that many lights in the matchmaker anymore from T4 onwards. you really have a proper disconnect with the lower tiers lol

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