World of Tanks | Tiger 1:35 Model Review

Back in Summer 2016 I found this model at the store and I was not disappointed with my purchase! Here are some useful links if you are planning on buying/building one.

All Tiger I production changes by date (

Purchase Italeri Model (

Building the Tiger Model (

Painting the Tiger Model (

A trip to the local hobby shop gave me some much needed noob advice on building models. I recommend visiting the „old breed“ before starting a big project.

I was going to give away the bonus codes but they expired 31 December 2016 🙁 If you still want one to try to fight wargaming I can still give it to you.


  1. Luis Maldonado

    For what year you intended to make this tank? 1942, 1943, 1944? Early, Mid, late?

  2. Bohuš Oravec

    Not that I am buying the model kits only for the codes,I love modeling vehicles but I also enjoy that game really much.When did you buy the kit? Were the codes expired right when you recieved it or you had the kit for a longer time?

  3. bob7608

    My tracks came out like shit I didn understand the instructions

  4. Crazy Maker

    Also I like modeling so make more videos because there are great XD

  5. Crazy Maker

    Sorry I am too late for the bonus code and wargaming forces me to pay in order to be a good player :/

  6. Ascension NCS

    wonderful video friend