World of Tanks Tiger I – 10 Kills 6,1K Damage (1 VS 5)

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World of Tanks Tiger I – 10 Kills 6,1K Damage (1 VS 5)

Medals received: Kolobanov’s Medal, Pool’s Medal, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Top Gun

The Tiger I is a German tier 7 heavy tank.

Development of the Tiger I was started in 1937 by the Henschel company. Mass production began in 1942, with an eventual total of 1,354 vehicles manufactured. The tank first saw combat in the fighting for Leningrad, and Tigers were at the forefront of battles from Tunisia to Kursk. Although production was discontinued in the summer of 1944, the Tiger I continued to see action until the end of the war.

This was the first German heavy tank in WWII and proved itself to be extremely formidable against the Allied forces, composed primarily of M4 Shermans and T-34s. In the game you’ll face much higher tier opponents. This tank was designed as a medium to long range sniper. Keep that in mind and make use of its great rate of fire and renowned German-engineered accuracy. Spot your enemy, avoid close combat, and keep your gun at work by firing the moment you reload. Snipe the enemy and support your team.

The Tiger I leads to the Tiger II.

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Outro song: Shlow Motion 2 by Niklas Ahlström





  2. iChazAshley


  3. florcharr

    Hey Boy , you made me sick !! , are full mods ….

  4. Fernandito Santiago Palacios

    tus videos dan asco y pena vas bien modeado que pena das

  5. SuperGames Gaming and More!

    When he was hiding behind the bush I thought he was trying to recreate the Tiger Battle from Fury lol

  6. ツDinozor Oyuncuツ

    How to your settings?

  7. ツDinozor Oyuncuツ

    I subcribed and liked 🙂

  8. C. W.

    100 8.8l71
    mg42 turm+Wanne
    120mm 100mm 100mm

  9. MrATL90


  10. Claus Bohm

    Wow, you made it look easy. I wish i could play the Tiger that way! You held off the entire right side almost single handedly. Everyone bitching about camping, lets say that camping is not a sure way to win even in a heavy! Also Tig1's are not noted for great armor. Again you played very well!

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