World of Tanks – Tiger I Review & Tips

I take a look at the iconic Tiger I. This German tier 7 heavy has quite a reputation and because of that it’s the tank that most new players start working towards first, so I thought I’d put this video together to try and help new players get to grips with this German power house, so settle in and make yourself a drink, it’s going to be a long one 😉
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  1. Jonathan schadenfreude

    Lovely video my friend, wotb is IMHO Russian tank biased. That being said historical accuracy is lively to see.

  2. Angry Cuck

    Any tips to get better, I'm a noob (even though I own two other tier 7's) going for the tiger and I'm just not good and don't have good knowledge of the game even though I want to get good at this game

  3. Davrin 0114

    What is the point of the radio in the game?

  4. Rick Rolled

    Could you do a review of the Tiger (P)? I'm considering getting it and want a second opinion beforehand.

  5. Edgar Hernandez

    Seeing as how I own a Tiger 131, why would I bother grinding for the regular Tiger 1?

  6. FieldZachattack

    I like how your penning the front of the O-NI with AP but I can't do that with my löwe

  7. T-ront Gamer

    Could you please do a road to tier 10 maus

  8. Callum Dunn

    Took me exactly 60 games to three mark the thing. A testament to how bad people are in it.

  9. david jones

    Luv chewing up t29s in my tiger

  10. Aaron Davies

    how did you get 273 damage on a arty that is 270 hp I have seen it a few times now one shot kill gets a couple more damage than hit points