World of Tanks – TOG!

You don’t choose the TOG life. The TOG life chooses you. Very slowly. Over a nice roast chicken dinner with Yorkshire pudding and a few pints of real ale.


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  1. Lightning2014

    Skip to 1:40 for the start

  2. Otakuryoga

    for the love of Gawd STOP TALKING!!..trying to watch TOG
    wait…artillery can move?

  3. James Thomas

    Good video. TOG is the only tank I've purchased.

  4. bob ivy

    I needed a Tog video. Didn't hurt that tog kicks @**. Good job Dave. I mean Tog

  5. Silith13

    Big bottomed girls make the rockin' world go roun'!

  6. Dryden Home

    Oh my god. That was so funny. You should definitely play video games for 12 straight hours before making a video. Almost as enjoyable as you playing Alien Isolation.

  7. Dave 333

    Hi Jingles. You really should let someone else have a go. All the best Dave.

  8. Rolf dk

    amazing video jingles

  9. joshua fiddy allen

    wen i got out of bed this afternoon i hada raging boner.. so ther was only one thing i could do.
    Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long.

  10. Bernd Lauert

    Playing TOG is like playing World of Warships on solid ground.


    isn't this World of Warships, why is it called World of Tanks

  12. Shardlake

    Poor excuse Jingles, but if you can get WG to make a BB like the Thumbnail HMS Tog, you will be forgiven… As for TOG video, just so much fun 🙂

  13. christopher holladay

    This was great Jingles loved it.

  14. trapsuutjies

    Still laughing… good job Jingles, entertaining as ever. I'll buy a TOG just to be able to send you the replay so that I can laugh at you, laughing at me 🙂

  15. S Dew

    jingles u didnt keep your word, you said you would step off wot, because they are untrust worthy! shady …
    most borign replay ever!.

  16. enCODed3

    Whats that Tog…
    Im so sorry!
    I didnt know you could read lips Tog.

  17. Taintage

    I see TOG, I right click, open in new tab

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