World of Tanks – TOP 10 CROSSHAIR MODS

World of Tanks - TOP 10 CROSSHAIR MODS

The best crosshair mods in World of Tanks by expected popularity! Check out their functionality and learn what the enemy might use against you…

#10 – Overcross
#9 – Improved Standard Crosshair
#8 – Harpoon
#7 – Sword of Damocles
#6 – Roughneck’s Sights
#5 – Taipan
#4 – Hardscope
#3 – Meltymap’s Mathmod
#2 – Deegie’s Sight
#1 – J1mb0’s Crosshair Mod

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  1. evidenceonlythanx

    Helpful criticism.
    Give video of crosshairs in-game.
    Static pictures do little to show the actual effects of the crosshairs.
    Get straight to the demonstration of crosshairs or you lose the viewers attention.
    Put detailed information at the END of your video, not the beginning.
    3:30 minutes of intro information is too long.
    It loses the viewers attention before the actual reticles are demonstrated.

    Thank you for the attempt though.
    Moving on to somebody that shows the in-game video of crosshairs.
    Thanks anyway.

  2. Nicolas player

    what is cross hair

  3. Radin Noushini

    Which one isn't a illegal mod ?

  4. SlyMeerkat

    I just happy playing Vanilla, there is nothing with with the normal crosshair

  5. Beres David

    Nem vagy véletlen magyar? Olyan akcentusod van, egyből fel lehet ismerni xd
    Jó videó volt, nagyon segített

  6. izaya kin

    How to find this crosshair?

  7. _Venice _

    Te nem magyar vagy?

  8. wood1155

    I just started using deegies tonight. I like it

  9. Benjamin Burton

    Thanks for your Video. I'd like to use the Hardscope one. But I can not get this black Background (Scope-Look) activated. I just see the scopes. Ne1 knows how I can do that? thanks

  10. Jwuan Clifton

    can somone give me a download link to damocles dragon sword reticle mod?

  11. TBB5413


  12. LiL_J_GAMING

    The hardscope looks so awesome but since im using solo's modpack jimbo is my mann:)

  13. Chad Mesiroff

    The top Crosshairs have changed bigtime. The best IMO will always be Mjolnirs tied with Roughnecks and the new champion is the bushmaster remade by solza. Its pure sex. And all the 3 options are awesome. To let you know all these have reload timers. Also they dont control the zoom levels at all. All sights have 3 parts. Sniperpanel.swf, ArcadePanel.SWF and Snipercrosshair.SWF. Sniper panel is zoomed in backdrop. Arcade is unzoomed panel/background and Snipercrosshair is the "Active" part that shows you pen chance etc etc

  14. Vlad Hurmuzache

    information time ! Nice !

  15. Panzer_ Bill

    Where is the camo calculator on the Meltymap's crosshair? Great series!

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