World of Tanks || Toughest French Tank

World of Tanks – AMX M4 mle. 49. Today jedipwnr is going to demonstrate why the T8 French premium heavy, the AMX M4 mle. 49, is one of the most resilient premiums ever.

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  1. strumfex

    this tank can no longer be bought in the shop ?

  2. Drops Are Fun

    The french stopped running and riped off a tiger 2

  3. bradleyifv51590

    its got a 105mm gun quicky baby not 100

  4. guillboune111

    AMX is better

  5. Woable Attack

    Just another Tank i just lob premshells at everytime i see it, looks like WG wants to sell more of those 12500 Gold + 14000000 Credits packages…

  6. just a bush

    this tank is so incredibly op, it has no weaknesses

  7. Mrsirr

    10:37 Quicky excitement 😀

  8. Drops Are Fun

    Everytime i play a game theres always is-6 players thinking they are impenetrable solo charging to the enemy and getting rekt

  9. Dave Meese

    Do you have grass turned off?

  10. Romeo Victor

    Well at least you WoT PC players don't have to deal with IS3 defenders. They're IS3s, but the frontal armor is 2 times as effective and it has an auto loading 122 mm gun the shoots APCR for standard, a Five second delay for each shell, and three shells in a clip. The IS3 D also has a top speed of about 44 kph so…
    No, it's not the IS3A. It's frontal armor is better than the IS3As armor. The only tank I know that has better armor than it is the IS7 (if I was talking about tanks related to it, like the entire IS line) I play WoT B.
    Yes. It is fun. Yeah, I do like it better than PC, but PC is still awesome. No. I'm not a kid.

  11. space54

    a french viewer approved that video

  12. NinetyNine Rising

    this title is a lie, everyone knows duck is strongest of all

  13. James Kan

    NA is super suck. Non teammates remain in your team.
    You usually fight 1 VS 29. Those stupid BOTs players would not do much things

  14. Kappa

    14:04 LOL

  15. Doogle Ticker

    It isn't that tough! Go around to the sides/rear. Shoot the cupola. Damn you negative idiots. Quit WoTs if you hate it so much. Finally a French tank that can bounce something from the front and you want it gone/nerfed to death…what, should WG start over and get 100 million players to vote on every tank's characteristics? LTP.

  16. Gaybob Fagpants

    It fells strange seeing so many shells bouncing from a french tank.

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