World of Tanks | Trading Shots Tutorial Game Play Guide Sir Havoc @ WoTUNI

World of Tanks | Trading Shots Tutorial Game Play Guide Sir Havoc @ WoTUNI

The one where we talk about how you manage your health pool and trade shots sensibly to become an epic player.
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  1. Ron Gray

    Thanks for the videos! Will try my best!

  2. DivineDawn


  3. Ronnel de Ramos

    Thank you very much!

  4. Davorin Dado

    thank you for your time and help!

  5. Stephen Wilson

    9500 games shit stats, played just to pass the time……. A new dawn starts today, will keep you informed…..thanks for the kick up the ass and pointing me in the right direction……or is that just side scraping lol Jovialrhino

  6. epic dawgs

    i struggle trading shots with higher teir opponents

  7. Low Blow

    not a bad vid, but really tacky mods.

  8. DiaperJuice_ 48

    I just got 4 kills, did about 1k dmg and i was in a T37 and lived with 1/3 hp

  9. DiaperJuice_ 48

    lol that satanic intro

  10. Jonathan Stoltz

    This is why I have a super Pershing troll

  11. Vainglory-Apocalyptic

    One tip on trading shots, use your teammates as meat shields

  12. gotchagr

    That's a great video. Everytime great stuff Sir Havoc! Please can you tell me which mod you used for the damage info? Thank you. A big fan from Greece.

  13. Justin Ho

    What is the beeping sound when you get spotted? does it tell you when you're still visible?

  14. Reed Cardon

    I'm gonna have to go home, watch this again, and then try it with my T54 mod1

  15. DeTECtiVe LoLi

    Hey Havoc! Thank you for thesevideos, my friends recommended them for mee. Sad to say I won't be able to play for a while as my PC decided to take a giant shit… Anyway,I'd be happy to send you some of my replays so that you could give me a few pointers, and I am a TERRIBLE player so it would mean alot to me if you would do this, thanks

  16. taief miah

    tomosa needs this

  17. Bazsi Sün

    Autotargetting to a T34 from front is a noob thing. You were lucky to pen it.
    Shooting to the Löwe's turret without aiming wasnt so good choice even if you had enough time.

  18. Alexander Karavas

    Thank you Sir Havoc! And Mr Jingles to introdusing you!

  19. Tony Woodbury

    Really enjoy your videos, trading shots wisely is very important, and its an area im gonna work on, thanks again

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