World of Tanks Tutorial #11 – Armour Angling, Side Scraping, Face Hugging – Tips & Trick

This tutorial will probably be more interesting for inexperienced players. It shows in detail how to increase your effective armour thickness by angling it and how to drive around a corner „like a pro“ – Very useful knowledge that will increase your survivability and efficiency on the battlefield a lot. So stay tuned!

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System Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-3630QM
GPU: NvidiaGeForce GTX 675MX / 4GB GDDR5
Resolution: 1920×1080
Memory: 16GB

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  1. Morganthe

    Every time I try and angle on purpose I feel like I do it a bit to much or a bit to less.

  2. zabi dabi

    is this World of Warships ?

  3. xx ProKitxx

    face hugging is also a bad idea cuz arties might shoot and

  4. ASTRO BOY william

    nope.. it's still interesting good sir. you have shared a piece of information that is vital for my success.

  5. Minepro 20000

    how are you playing 1v1? Is it a clan thing or something?

  6. Minnesnowtan

    That is SO much better than listening to Claus rant and how nobody is any good and e never provides any help. You are quite the opposite, what a relief. Thank you. You have helped me turn the corner 🙂

  7. GhostriderSK

    Nice Video my friend, keep them coming ! Thumbs up

  8. Sekrit Dokuments

    You explained the basics of armor in one video better than the WoT devs did in a series of videos.

  9. deathborg mk2

    THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. the american td's have never seemed so good

  10. WaTerMaskGhost

    But how do you know if you're angled 70° ±

  11. Khoa Nguyễn

    cool tips, thanks bro

  12. Classymaru Nara

    angling on console is cancer.

  13. NixNix22

    Acutally "face hugging" works awesome with T-34-85 when i go against other mediums

  14. NixNix22

    AMX 40 B|

  15. Delimon007

    You forgot to mention that some people like me drive tanks like the T110E4 and like to load HE at side scraping tanks and still average over 300 damage per shot to them anyway.

    Side scraping isn't all it's cracked up to be against someone who's willing to use a different type of ammunition, granted, your gun must be big enough to do this, a pee shooter shooting out HE won't do jack squat.

    Also he's not tricking you into shooting his armor, rather forcing you to shoot at his weak spots, which there are several for you to shoot at there such as the turret ring or the engine deck in the back which you can actually hit from the front btw.

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