World of Tanks || Type 5 Heavy – 9.10 Preview

Patch 9.10 Preview of the T10 Japanese Type 5 Heavy tank. It has the thickest armour of any heavy tank in the game and a meaty 140 mm main cannon!


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  1. szymek strękowski

    suka bliat maj boik is dik. he huj ci w cyce ?

  2. Tenzin Norden Thinley

    talkless do more

  3. Brenton Cook

    I don't know if you'll see this but I'd like you to do another review. the gun is now 3 rounds a min with 1100 damage a shot!!!!

  4. Gaston de Chazal

    The T30 top gun prem rounds still bounce at point blank. That should go through having over 300mm of pen. Really don't understand why?

  5. Angelo Agriam

    well this needs some updating since they kinda buff the tank

  6. George Boulter

    when im playing E 100 this is the ONE of the FOUR tier X tanks I'm scared of, the TYPE 5 HEAVY  is a beast


    in real life it was an incomplete prototype.

  8. DehGameplay Channel

    I love t5 heavy it's soo good when I play t110e3
    free 2.500 damage
    e3 is sooo good vs it

  9. Anita Matana

    120 k dislikes wtf lol

  10. fn 2198

    im close to getting oho now i love oni and i want type4 and 5 heavys

  11. P.D.R


  12. ProGamers

    He was not playing it was a replay

  13. Noel Schmitt

    Nice except host wake involvement teen otherwise read.

  14. Γιωργος Χαβελες

    why is the test server not working anymore ???

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