World of Tanks – Type 59 Review

I take a look at the Chinese tier 8 premium medium tank, the Type 59. This versatile all rounder has a good mix of mobility, armour and fire power meaning it feels at home in multiple roles on the battlefield.

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  1. semperfi 30

    Mr. Beardface just updating you that this tank has been nerfd the turret armor is nt as strong. Alot of players are enraged because of it and are asking for refunds. This video might be a good comparison of what the type 59 was in its glory days. Thanks yor vids.

  2. Robert Dore

    not bad fun see

  3. Ozark Hunter

    Scorpion please. Just bought it and Am thinking it is like a tier 7 hellcat, but not sure.

  4. ByzantineFalcon

    Good review! I just picked mine up the other day, havent played with it yet. Going to do a broadcast on twitch of the full ace op from start to finish.

  5. CC MOGS

    good vid., great tank , one of my faves………………….

  6. PocketLizard NL

    Thanks for the vid!  Great tank!  I have it for almost a year now I guess – and its my big Silver Machine.

  7. nitskynator

    Would it be possible for you to add annotations for when the gameplay starts on these reviews for those of us who don't need to look at the stats and just want to watch some gameplay?

  8. tro5k

    I missed type 59 last time cause I was in China during Chinese new yr!
    They released the night I was at airport leaving for China, and ended a
    day before I got back. I was pissed haha. I'm not gonna miss this time

  9. Jake van der Veen

    Next review:

  10. Bryan Taylor

    so near to earning the boilermaker and come on and the op is away thanks for that wargaming was looking forward to that tank and am not buying gold !!

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