World of Tanks – Type 64 Review

I take a look at the Chinese (although technically Taiwanese) tier 6 premium light tank, the Type 64. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, with the hull of an M42 anti-aircraft vehicle, the turret from the Hellcat and the gun from a Sherman, this gives it fantastic hull traverse, American gun depression and a good rate of fire.

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  1. PixelPusha

    Looks like it plays like a T67 gone Light! Pretty much the same gun, too

  2. Nothing1234

    Keep going man your videos are pretty good man.


    It was fun killing you the other day 😛

  4. PocketLizard NL

    Great quality review, thanks!

  5. Roger Mirage

    yup wg don't seem to do any buffs to lights. just indirect nerfs.

  6. Aaron Davies

    over 2g subs good work bud could you do one on scorpion usa tank please

  7. W-g-a-f Unt

    Good review

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