1. Malibu

    I have GEFORCE GTX980 ZOTAC and i74970K . And 60fps with WOT 4K .

  2. Onabioz_X Game Channel

    fx 6300+gtx 760-40-45 в среднем

  3. Piridajac

    Gtx980 is not good for that try with FURY …. Almost like reall…..

  4. van0mah

    А почему все ядра равномерно загружены?

  5. Никита Волков

    Cколько будет с 4790к 780 ти на полных максималках fullhd?

  6. Gollo

    Lucky you

  7. kempouk

    wow i use these settings and get around 100 fps so the gtx98s in sli does make a huge difference, these fps are so low for maxed out settings

  8. alexander larchenko

    Сколько будет фпс с 4770 + 980 1920×1080

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