[World of Tanks] Unknown SPG view mode spotted ! (0.9.4)

[World of Tanks] Unknown SPG view mode spotted ! (0.9.4)

EDIT1 : Silentstalker quickly provided an explanation on For The Record, you can read about the mod – it’s called Battle Assistant – right below

EDIT2 : To all people getting mad and dislinking the vid –

I stumbled upon this replay lately :

Please keep in mind it was recorded with Shadowplay on a stock (unmodded) 0.9.4. You can see when the arty player aims that he switches to an alternate SPG view, allowing him an easier targeting.

I don’t know the name of this mod/hack (no moral questions here please) and googling did no good. So, if you do have intel about it, or even tried it yourself, please give me feedback. 🙂

You can skip the end, it’s uninteresting and I don’t have any video editor handy. Sorry about the music too, I didn’t notice it until after recording. I hope you like trip-hop. 🙂
(All rights to the music belong to Portishead and their publishers)


  1. LazyLoaf

    What? u sure this is a mod? I did it by accident once and I could do it the rest of that day, but i've been trying to find out how ever since. What button do u push to change the camera?

  2. mba2ceo

    Songs … any1 indicate the titles & artists ?

  3. colin zhang

    how do you change the view to front aim??? in spg?

  4. Nikola Davidovac

    This mod is legal??

  5. kar ras

    at first, people started to talk about my statics "somehow"
    then, i started to see bots.
    then, i get hit in critical spots all the time.
    and now i learned that people not only put alot of money to "pretend" to be good, they also cheat in many ways, like aimbots or pen rates and such.
    i used to read and study where this critical points are, where the armor is thicker, but now im fucking done.
    not going to use the aimbot, but im fucking gonna download every single mod aviable (legal or not) to be on the same level at least, but it will kill the fun of playing in the long term.
    mods of any kind in multiplayer break the balance of equal ground, and this is why, some legal, some greys, some illegal, wargaming gives no fucks, and people who play for fun (and dont pay to win) gets killed in no time untill they play like real campers or shit on its teams.
    poison can only be cured with MORE poison.

  6. Daniel Derpinson

    this is cheating no doubt
    WG should make it illegal

  7. Modern BoreFare

    To highlight the sort of difference this mod can make, I just had a 9 kill game in my leFH, so got a Radley-Walters's medal, as well as High Caliber, For Counter-Battery Fire (never even seen that one before, it's for killin gall enemy SPG's – at least 3 –  while driving an SPG), and another Ace Tanker.
    Would I have done that well without the mod?  No chance!

  8. Mangyang 212
  9. Elezbrkten M.

    Nice job from the arty ,fuck this jelousy noobs!

  10. Acerrzzz

    To all of you crying about this mod, here is a WG's employ official statement:

    P.S. Your tears are delicious…

  11. Combat Corgi

    i can't tell whats worse, this music or the fact that arty is getting easier to play

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