World of Tanks – Update 8.9: Armored Spearhead

World of Tanks - Update 8.9: Armored Spearhead

Update 8.9 „Armored Spearhead“ is released! The title of this new game version refers to the real tank tactic of the same name. Why did we decide to go for such a title, you may ask? It’s because with this update we are introducing a brand new game mode that will enable battles between small numbers of tanks — just like in the Armored Spearhead combat doctrine! Be prepared!

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  1. Silly Sombra


  2. yoyoyoshio267

    welcome to youtube 😀

    *looks left then right* /)

  3. Oskar Ejsymont


  4. Wibble Lord

    But you surrender to a normal Nazi!

  5. MetalCh3

    its spelled like that due to american english.

  6. françois le goff

    Armored is american, armoured is from UK, like color and colour. Btw i'm french and i know this, i can not surrender to grammar nazi. :3

  7. jrigby4

    Armoured* is spelt wrong.

  8. Roboplayer1

    you finally made a fucking awesome looking video other one before this have been meh but this whoa 😀

  9. C h

    update looks sick, totally epic especially the new map!

  10. SneiderMcCluck

    This patch messed up WoT for me and for many other players. Dont release unfinished patches WG.

  11. illesizs

    The same video 7 times?!

  12. cryohellinc

    Какого хуя вы спамите блядь

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