World of Tanks – Update 9.0 Trailer

World of Tanks - Update 9.0 Trailer

Update 9.0: New Frontiers, adds an all new game mode Historical Battles, upgraded graphics and marks the beginning of the transformation World of Tanks will receive in 2014.

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  1. kazemi harada


  2. Glitchy the Viking

    The smaller tanks with the 20mm cannons are amazing at close quarters

  3. 2000rayc

    WAR THUNDR!!!!!

  4. commentorTD

    1:19 Michael Bay tank ._.

  5. the1TJ

    WoT isnt that much fun at all

  6. ExDark123 Robert

    if when u shoot u can aim this game would be awesome so laggy when u try to aim a tank….

  7. Reno Saputro

    hahaahah, too much CGI, not real ingame footage

  8. MrFunkygiblets

    Looks nice and all but they still need to fix the matchmaking

  9. Bojidar Topchiiski

    how badass would it be if you can destroy that bridge

  10. xxAnaconta

    i want to see a trailer where they only show shitty tier 1 and 2 tanks 

  11. xboxgamer969

    still waiting till they either add modern tanks or make a separate World of Tanks game with only Modern Tanks 😛

  12. obereen

    Trailer is good but the game is the same nerd shit as it always was

  13. petroshka

    Disturbed by Taylor long
    its a little remixed though

  14. IBT98

    Love recking with with game, I love it much a wonderful game really…truly love the German and American tanks a lot…but the Soviet was something I loved to play with

  15. ousou78

    I never have played this game but isn't the game supposed to be with WW2 tank?

  16. gebb60able


  17. Happy Farmer

    does it still runs like crap on high end systems like i7?

  18. loopysausage

    😐 I've heard this song before… I need to stop listening to Trailer Music World sometimes…

    Plus, that camera mode at 0:39 and 1:02, can we have that? 🙂 I think it'll be pretty cool (to me anyway)

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