World of Tanks || Update 9.20.1 – Test Server Preview

World of Tanks – Update 9.20.1. Previewing all the changes coming to World of Tanks in Update 9.20.1, including the Super Conqueror, T71 split, campaign and balance changes!

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  1. 2manyusarnames

    I really don't understand how you guys still play these maps over and over again… Why don't they give us new maps and maybe old ones back? It's insane

  2. Crystalynn

    Wow, 15 bonds for a Raseinai Heroes medal at T10? So you just need to get 334 of them to afford one special equipment. Easy.

  3. robthe W

    So I'll never get the Stug IV and the other Tanks because I'd never played SPGs and I think I never will.

  4. Some Thing

    Ve are varegaming, we care no about keeping players, we see monet

  5. Jose Serrano

    Did they finally HD my STB1???!!! FINALLY!!!

  6. typeviic1

    I have 14 mission 15's completed with honors. What to do with all those 'Orders'? Will I get a retroactive payment?


    WG will buff every tier 8 chinese med except for the one that probably needs the most, that is t-34-2… gg wg -.-'

  8. Alma Langley

    Yo there's a really good trick to get GoId online here –

  9. Shamie Ramsamuj

    Damn forcing people to play spgs….

  10. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    you forgot the T-44-122 HD model

  11. Karl der Wal

    Fv4005 will now be so much better then Deathstar…
    I dont like where this is going

  12. Mircea Tomescu

    yaaaay! stb1 finally gets buffed!

  13. iñigo Meniego

    All tier 8 meds have 212mm pen and all the tanks are getting 10 degrees of gun depression… I prefer variety

  14. CD318

    QB has bed head.

  15. Rabbuten I Deporte, Videojuegos y Cubos de Rubik I

    So sad they are eliminating so many tanks from the game. I have never played the british heavy line, so i am too far away from the tier 10 to try to grind it in a month. I feel very disapointed by knowing i would never be able to play it 🙁

  16. Waffles

    How do you download the test server

  17. Lynx G_FT

    Hi QB can you make video or replay on this comment witch tank is better for stronghold battles su100y or type 64 or averall thinking about those tanks

  18. MG Todeskult

    Finally, they changed MT-15 mission for T28, I stuck at this fucking mission for like months, I've managed to fulfill primary conditions (2k dmg to TDs) but didn't managed to win and SURVIVE the battle (for secondary conditions), now it's gonna be easier and finally doable: do 1k damage and kill 2 TDs (primary) and win and do damage to 6 enemy vehicles (secondary) :V

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