World of Tanks – Update 9.20 Trailer

Massive 30×30 combat in the new random battle type – Grand Battle. Season 2 of Ranked Battles. Major vehicle rebalance! See all this and more today in Update 9.20.


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  1. nicholas dean

    You know the ending is fake because no one would push/ more than half of the team will camp…

  2. Sergio David Hurtado Curitomay

    Voy como 100 batallas y nadaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Sergio David Hurtado Curitomay

    Alguna vez en la vida tocará 30 vs 30

  4. Preston Medley

    Haven't gotten a grand battle yet 🙁

  5. Raynorrules

    Is it true that artillery is barely used now?

  6. hardy fadhli

    son of Pythagoras One mans thunder… lol i knew this music.

  7. J Bautista

    Glad I'm still in blitz! Blitz is sooo much easier than PC
    except for the T49 ATM :/

  8. Caleb Mckeown

    I like the music it goes
    well with it

  9. Thomas Anthony

    This is a lie you get to play this 1 out of 100 battles. And while this happens it screwup the poor tier 8 people.

  10. LordProto

    Am I the only one wanting the music in this video?

  11. Demonic Walrus

    15 v 15 is chaotic enough XD

  12. Juggernaut

    If only the battle where like that now there just camper and noobs

  13. K&AGamers

    I'd love to make use of my buffed IS-7, personal reserves and recently purchases premium tanks, but the ping is so bad I can't play the game effectively. Not my internet, WoT is the only thing that has latency issues. Please fix central server's ping problems so I can play the game again!

  14. Keith Starr

    good now we need 60 on 60 and 120 on 120

  15. Neptunesplayground0

    Cant wait to see this game die off. Been playing for 4 years for the haterz 😉

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