World of Tanks – Update 9.20 Trailer

Massive 30×30 combat in the new random battle type – Grand Battle. Season 2 of Ranked Battles. Major vehicle rebalance! See all this and more today in Update 9.20.

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    New Chinese Tank Destroyer branch, vehicle rebalance, and more changes are now live with Update 9.20!

  2. Kabuki Jo

    vehicle improvements
    *shows artillery
    wargaming bring arty back in the game the ppl who cried over arty are 90% 4k rating regulars who have no idea how to play this game

  3. kyle Umali

    I'm looking forward for this update.I REALLY LIKE 30 PLAYERS VS 30 PLAYERS I WANNA UPDATE XD

  4. İbrahim Keleş

    I am sorry but I have stopped playing for a few months, maybe one year or two years

  5. Dante Ruiz

    so fake, 1) nobody will do that, everyone will go one side while the arties are jerking off and not paying attention….and the light tanks are in the back trying to be TDs lol….thats world of tanks in a nutshell hahaha

  6. clashofclans avec yanis

    buff arty

  7. W CW

    I don't think ppl will rushing as this video did

  8. Terry Sohn

    I kinda like this update. I was on the edge of installing this game once again due to Patton buff..


    foch B is so much fun thank you

  10. Troll man cz

    Who gives like its war thunder fan im wot fan and good luck on battlefield

  11. Gamer With No Name

    Why just for tier 10?

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