World of Tanks – Update review 9.15

Improved physics and sound, vehicle rebalance, changes to the game interface, and many more await you in Update 9.15. Watch this video to learn more about the new update! Good luck on the battlefield!

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  1. Eagle 130

    If anyone wants to buy my accounts on NA Server and Sea Servers, Let me know! I have heaps of Tier 10 Tanks,

  2. Eagle 130

    I Started playing the game since 2011, and retired in 2016. Just here to see if the Arty is like the olden days! Just Retired vehicles, and a few more tweaks. game sux now. Go Armoured Warefare

  3. MrSkullnation

    So what happens to the ppl who had the wt e100?

  4. Dylan Paup

    Why would you fucking get rid of the all game chat

  5. Has Amanda

    dumbasses at wg made a mistake yet again. I've seen them make mistakes but this is seriously retarded. tier 8 light tanks cant platoon with tier 9 vehicles without both losing 50% this has made arty missions a lot harder to complete. Talk about wg making missions easier then shooting everyone in the foot when it comes to arty missions.

  6. Omen Frankfurt

    Now all left to do is ditch the tank skins and replace them by Mario Kart skins. RIP WoT.
    It hurts seing this once tactical, and thrilling game go down the road opf kiddie casual crap games.
    Could someone make an replacement, like WoT was in 2012, please?

  7. Nick Doelle

    I love the background music @ 5:00 mark. It is from Red Alert computer games from the 90's early 2000's LMAO

  8. Vevateraan

    fuck you shit developers. stop sucking each other off and start working on decent updates!! and start listening to your comunity dont be like Infinity ward and treyarch like they ruined there game. you are doing the dame thing now!

  9. Andreas Charitoudis

    Why not to make new maps?

  10. Fabian

    kann man nicht eine 11reihe machen das grille 15 der 11ist unt WT auf E100 das würde mich freuen

  11. S 2000

    add vulkan api support and make it choosable whether launch game like that or not(simply give us choice)
    balance Japanese tanks, heavy ones with extreme armor, basically undamagable if, nerf their hit point damage at least, otherwise be ready to see o ni s and o ho s tu win game alone.
    nerf skoda reload time, increase it at least 1 sec and nerf its hit point damage by 12-15%.
    and also when buying tank(in my experience) t7 tank with no upgraded parts in it, dont let it go t9 game right away, as tank is new to driver, hasn't learnt driving properly and angling, not experienced in that tank particularly.
    at least do one of these please. thanks. ^

  12. The Pipe Nook

    I've been hoping for this kind of garage filtering, and tank preview system, for years. The sound alerts for activated equipment is a nice touch. Thanks Wargaming!

  13. Pezzer23 Gaming

    how to zoom in 16x and 25x?

  14. Klara

    + Wargaming Europe When your track is destroyed make an animation of it breaking apart.

  15. WarGaming Jews

    Hey WarGaming fags

    Fix the rigged MM cause when you gets retards like the ones in WarGaming this game is like cancer.

    When that is done stop sucking dicks and make the game better kthxbai.

  16. Wot Riggedshit

    Hey WG you faggots fix that rigged shitty MM

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