World of Tanks – Update Review 9.20.1

Update 9.20.1 for World of Tanks. Personal Missions changed. The matchmaker has a new approach to vehicles. The Type 59 became better. The British tech tree received a new Tier X heavy tank and saw specification changes for vehicles of three classes. Watch the update review for details.



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  1. HiiTLiine

    Please new gun sounds

  2. Jemar

    If only the communication servers would work…

  3. Hibiki Hosotani

    Why did u take my Waffentrager auf E 100 and Aufklarungspanzer Panther away…?

  4. FerFer1958

    I love this game.

  5. shooooter4

    great thanks WG i wanted to proceed down the American light tank tree i had a t71. Now i have to start over again on the light line to get to the tier 10 American light tank. please fix your bugs and problems in the game instead of releasing new content

  6. Borghesi tanck

    Aimbot cheat is official hack agree by WG ?

  7. ASTRO BOY william

    Whoa.. no buffs for fv4202 oh no.. not gonna play the game for now.

  8. bassx101

    Anyone else wondering why they played My Country Tis of thee on video about brit tanks?

  9. Paulo Balladares

    What about german vehicles? Other vehicles get buffed but german remained the same. That's unfair!!!

  10. Lorraine Brown

    Pleeeease make a special event where the T-44-122 comes to the premium shop!

  11. Lt. Thumper

    The last tank in the video shot a bad guy from 300 meters, on the move, no aim while bounding over a hill. The shot scored with no pen. No way that ever happens without programming help.

  12. Lt. Thumper

    I’ve also notice that nobody ever bounces in these videos. Makes one think.

  13. Lt. Thumper

    The matchmaker sucks. When you have 5 15-2 game in a row, something is definitely broken.

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