World of Tanks – Update Review 9.20.1

Update 9.20.1 for World of Tanks. Personal Missions changed. The matchmaker has a new approach to vehicles. The Type 59 became better. The British tech tree received a new Tier X heavy tank and saw specification changes for vehicles of three classes. Watch the update review for details.

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  1. Anvilshock

    2:00 just look at that sack of autoloading aids …

  2. Alexandru P.

    Make something with t-54 mod.1 !!

  3. Alan Madison

    Where the FV4202 Buff??
    Where the turret and engine Buff??
    I was hoping THAT dude.
    WHERE THAT FV4202 BUFF????????

  4. ahil ahill

    Bla bla bla bbbblllläaaaaaaaa

  5. xixi22 22

    Hd map are not introduced ?

  6. Udrea Victor

    In game chat still not working.

  7. docteree

    is there a way to undo my order? i used them on the heavy mission by mistake which should have been used on the last arty mission 🙁 @wargaming europe


    derp derp derpity derp derp

  9. Şenol Diler

    O-ı zırhta buf yemiş benim en en güvendiğim korunan tanktı o o tank zaten aşırı yavaş onu kurtaran zırhıydı orta seviye topu vs çok iyiydi ama dün güncellemeden 3 el yaptıktan sonra sattım tankı çünkü zırhının arkasına adam saklanacak kadar iyi bi tanktı o bozulmuş ingilizleri çok yüceltmişsiniz ama ben daha oyunun başındayım bende 10 tane tank oda 4ten 8 kadar var 9 bile yok elimde

  10. epicwarding


  11. Njegos Trivanovic

    Whot about is4? Or is7? It is very hard to comfort E100,maus,tayp 4 heavy or t95… IS4 and IS7 needs imprudent's

  12. ok2 Westlife

    Sheridan ???

  13. Ramon Rodriguez

    whats up with separating the bulldog line and the t 57 heavy ? i mean it makes sense but I'm a bit mad since i been grinding the bulldog for some long to go down to the t 57 heavy line !!!!

  14. Tatanka

    "Unable to connect to update service."
    do you guys know how to solve this problem?
    i saw this warning 3 days ago and it was not affect the game but with this update i can't play it anymore because client can't update the game. i try to re-ninstalling but it did not work. i can't download anything oorm client. (not an anti-virus problem)

  15. 19Basti09

    9:37 sure thats IS3

  16. Misterkint

    Buff IS 6 gun !!!!

  17. AwesomeEpicGuys

    This actually seems like a good update. Nice work WG!

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