World Of Tanks [v8.9] Mod Preview XVM [5.9.0]

Here’s a Preview of my Mod Release.
Final Version 5.9.0 for WoT 8.9

The 8.10 version of my mod is out:
Or direct:

Thx for watching, thx for comments and thx for downloading!

Song: Martin Garrix – Animals
Female Crew: skom76
Blue Crosshair: Deegie


  1. Ruadd

    i love your mod packs i hope you keep making them! i advise all my wot friznds 2 2 get it  i hope that supports you

  2. cypry cyp

    Download song? ?

  3. RTyp06

    Interesting. So you can use mods in multiplayer WOT server games?

  4. Filthy Scrublord

    8.10 is out, where do I get more XVM by Benoz???

  5. Filthy Scrublord

    how does xvm mod react with new patches? someone please answer?

  6. NuX

    sound download ??  

  7. Cameron Callaway

    how do you install it

  8. Jestem Polskim

    This XVM shows WN or EFF?

  9. Benoz

    Martin Garrix – Animals

  10. Rozlazlagalareta

    what's the title?

  11. ghertzu sebestyen

    nice song 😛

  12. Ivan

    wooow , nice one … gj man

  13. doge

    yes! that's what i meant thank you

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