1. That_0ne_Gamer

    I love the tank destroyers and the light tanks on the British tree the valentine(tier 3 or 4) and the cruiser 3+4.The medium tank that you start out with is so sluggish and so sucky I upgraded right when I had the money and xp to get the tier 2 tanks

  2. JimTheKid

    well he needs to get up to the FV215b 183 A.K.A the death star because of its massive 183mm gun 😮

  3. malaquey

    T29 and T25 AT get identical matchmakinggggg

  4. Argenteus

    Getting the T29 from the sherman jumbo doesn't get you the 90mm gun. You have to drive the T29 with the 76… and that's terrible. I'd recommend using free exp. Also, the turret for the PZ4… You're thinking of the schmalturn as the 2nd turret. That got removed along with the good gun… The 2nd turret for the pz4 is now much the same size as the first plus some ineffective spaced armour.

  5. Argenteus

    Matchmaking has changed since you last looked at it (around 1:40). Its a lot more simple now, TDs get the same as heavies, arty and mediums. There's slight weighting changes, but its a lot less complicated then it was.

  6. BEAR991000

    and the VK36.01H used to be a medium and the changed it to a heavy and ist a bit slower now

  7. BEAR991000

    vechs the leopard used to be tier 4 and the vk 28.01 at tier 6 after it was the tier 5

  8. jeff RockHallKnives

    Wow all these videos in one day you must love me lol

    Take care

  9. thepielovingnerd
  10. Magic Chef


  11. noble noisii

    vechs is being very dirty this wot tech tree video XD

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