World of Tanks Video Wiki @ Markee Dragon Get the retail box version that Includes of in-game items, including a T2 Light Tank, 1,050,000 credits to purchase tanks, ammo, upgrades, equipment and more, and 1,800 gold to buy premium tanks, powerful consumable items, extra garage slots and more.


  1. BlackElementGaming

    So much changes in two years. Lol.

  2. NBjam77

    How does WoT plays compared to Panzer Elite Action? Basically am looking for a good tank game that feels realistic but not hardcore simulation like coz i ve no clue how to drive or shoot a tank irl;) PEA was fun but quickly felt too basic and arcade kinda game.Is this what am lookin for? ^^

  3. Dylan Joseph

    @LLRaven what the FUCK NO BEARD?

  4. LLRaven


  5. markeedragon

    @beatlesinnirvana, Official word is that there will be a MAC version. Not date set for when it will release though.

  6. Scapeside

    i just got the stug im loving it!!! hey markee are the new american tanks worth my time?

  7. Desso Korgath

    Lookin' good there Mr.Markee Dragon, have you lost some weight other than your beard?

  8. Neckbeardius

    You look much younger in this video haha.

  9. pip489

    @stonesour3366 it really is an epic game you should try it sometime, its free too so that's a bonus.

  10. Ken Sherman

    the no beard either makes him look thinner or hes lost some weight

  11. Hydra136

    you shaved your beard NOOOO

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