World of Tanks || VK 30.02 (D) Review – BADASS BRAWLER!

World of Tanks || VK 30.02 (D) Review - BADASS BRAWLER!

Review of the VK 30.02 (D) – it is a total brawler!


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  1. Kristaps Ozolins

    Lol, VK3002D with low tier durp. 😀


    ТТhаnk уyоoоou!

  3. BigWheel

    Unfortunately the teir 6 tank that precedes this one is not only ugly… but performed horrifically in my hands… i absolutely loved the pz3/4 and all the tanks leading up to it… but i have absolutely no more intrest in trying to make the teir 6 vk work… even if the teir 7 vk is amazing.

  4. Aidan Dixon

    Its a badass brawler after you get the good gun and engine before that its a piece of shit that doesn't have a single god d*** muscle

  5. King AK

    QB, they buffed the 8,8 so know it has 145 pen

  6. yukio321

    what is DPM?

  7. Mattikake

    cheat ammo makes such a difference.

  8. Chester

    I generally enjoy and agree with QuickyBaby's reviews, but this time I have to disagree.  The 105 mm has too many non-penetrations with the HEAT rounds to be effective.  The 27% DPM advantage he speaks of with the 105 mm, is wildly optimistic given all the bounces.  Even shooting the sides of tanks won't pen many times if you hit tracks as they act as spaced armor, which HEAT has difficulty penetrating.  Plus you lose credits.  The best gun to use is the 88 mm with a generous helping of APCR.  Your opponents respect the higher damage over the 75 mm much more.  The 75 mm is not bad, but low damage equals low respect from your opponents.  So, best is the 88, then 75, and LAST the horrible 105.


    the 8.8 is a very efficient gun and has more power against most IS tanks I love the gun it helps out a lot. the 8.8 it way better then 10.5 cause it's a short barrel.

  10. theArgonautics

    Hey Quickybaby do you have plans for putting up a review of the VK 30.01 (P)? It is a hidden gem IMHO.

  11. Toothmother

    Big fan but this review is not current the 105 does not have the same pen at present. So that 105 gun is crap. I would update or remove this video. TY

  12. ThePakourProGuy ROBLOX

    does the 02 (DB) different to the 02 (D) or the 02 (DB) is just a nickname ??L

  13. ThePakourProGuy ROBLOX

    no reason why i got this tank, leopard <3

  14. straswa

    Thanks for the review, I'm looking forward to getting this and the Indien-Panzer. Currently on the 3001D and planning ahead. Should I use Optics or Binos as QB did?

  15. Hank

    the heat is nerfed

  16. Dean Murphy

    Not everyone can just empty their wallets and fire premium ammunition when grinding out this tank. I was hoping to see how the 8.8cm would play.

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