1. Panda Theft

    it would be good as a tier 8 not a 10.

  2. Tharaka Wijerathne

    I thaught that this has a VK hull and didn't bother shooting lower plate with my T30 and T57HT. That was stupid.

  3. Super Trini Gamer

    Lol the faillowe

  4. Will Dear

    So, a mobile 15cm derp gun that rushes forward and does massive alpha damage then hides during the reload.

  5. Evilstar The Reborn

    I've been wondering why people call this tank the "Failöwe"

  6. Dillon Simpkins

    That Waffentrager got raped after it shot you and ran away by the FV215B 183

  7. Danish Daniel

    voice break all day

  8. Sappy

    Your doing it wrong. Angling in this tank is useless. Your practically invincible from the front.

  9. yeet machine

    I want this goddamnit, this thing looks fucking sexy!

  10. TheMightyBoxTank

    Stats say diffrently on the sid eof tghe garage to the gun stats

  11. tai hung Au

    Tanks shoot lasers now??? Where did you get this mod???

  12. BaltazarMime

    that tank is fucked up. god!. it feels like it's after me. time to lock the doors 0_o

  13. NinjaViking1

    I just finished creating a 1/72 scale model of this……

    I will now start selling the kit on Ebay


  14. Wolfogre

    I've only seen one of these in-game ever.

  15. Skrub

    As it is decently fast for a German tier 10 Heavy tank its best to utilize this by claiming a choke point and start sidecraping. This tank is a beast when you minimize your total area that's exposed to enemy fire. The VK, like many other tier X heavies, does not have good side/rear protection and is as vulnerable as any to flanking; with its slow turret traverse pushing too far ahead can be very dangerous. The VK works best in a defensive capacity or by working in concert with other tanks while pushing down a lane. With an even slower rate of fire than the other 150mm-armed heavy, the E-100, the VK7201 usually will not win a damage-per-minute contest and probably responds best to peek-a-boom style play.

    The gun depression on the VK is not terrible despite being a rear-turreted tank, and with the excellent turret face, the VK can be quite decent at using slight variations in terrain to create impromptu hull-down fighting locations which relocating between areas of better cover.

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