World of Tanks – VK45.02B – 9 Kills – 9.9K Damage [Replay|HD]

• World of Tanks (WoT) – Replay – VK45.02(P) Ausf. B – 9 Kills – 9.9K Damage – 5k blocked Damage – Ace Tanker – Radley-Walters‘
Player: MoPiLia| Playlist: GER(
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  1. Gabos080

    KV4 was a bot

  2. No. 11

    That KV-4…

  3. Deppen Quäler

    What a stupid KV-4 driver, but later he served as good cover. lol

  4. heinzinthesky

    KV 4 was an unfair Idiot