World of tanks – We will rock you

Este es solo un video fan, no hago ningún beneficio. Es puramente para fines de entretenimiento. No soy dueño de los clips o las canciones utilizadas, pertenecen a sus legítimos propietarios / empresas. No hay infracción de copyright.Disfruten!


  1. Malik Chester

    ya me to i have a maus and a T,95

  2. tan tien phat

    what the we will rocd you

  3. Jiří Gargela


  4. Brenton Herbert

    Video. EPIC HUGE TANK BATTLES WITH TANKS SPEEDING TOWARDS EACHOTHER! BLOWING EACHOTHER TO BITS! Game? long slow games spent poping out from behind rocks getting rickocet shots then getting one shotted by some guy tirs below you despite your heavy tank and higher then, then you get to tir 7+ which is the same times 2 and minus silver counts due to the costs…

  5. ethan Fernandes

    epic but I think it can be longer

  6. Borys Kołaczkowski

    chat was amazing

  7. Jiří Gargela


  8. Phone New


  9. alex mercer


  10. André Takasaki


  11. Hernan Vallecillo

    That tiger couldn,t be destroy so fast

  12. Kelvin Nolasco

    Good job man

  13. tht guy ninety nine

    nice vid

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