1. ProjecthuntanFish

    Bull I pen the lower plate on IS3's all the time


    Dont hit the lower plate of is3…. What on earth is going on.

  3. Sándor Gróf

    Favorite pray of my Tiger I and Königstiger 🙂 But angle is important for my 88 mm gun. (I play in Blitz)

  4. _AkumaGaming_

    i call bullshit. when i join any lobby now, everyone has apcr just to kill me. im suppose to bounce the heaviest kf tanks shots including e50m. they should revert gold ammo using only gold credits. 24k for a single shot is a waste but idiots are making like 1m a fucking hour which i have no idea how theu do this

  5. The Great TH Bitch

    can i beat down???? the heavy tank not weak points

  6. tarasganjubas

    try penetrating IS-3 from 100-400m with regular shells

  7. Koki

    This guide sucks. Stop using gold we dont want gold we wanted a weakspots guide so we dont have to use gold. ffs

  8. Rusty

    I regularly play the IS 3. And no. penning this monster is really hard. Unless you want to spend 50k in apcr to try. By that time the BL9 has your ass in the grave. I normally bounce 4 to 5 know damage in t8-9 games.

  9. The Almighty Zugs

    What cross-hair mod was used in this video?

  10. Malachi Shaun

    This isnt a good guide you used gold

  11. Nathan Butterfield

    dude listening to your mouth is so obnoxious it ruins anything i might learn

  12. Guess who?

    this is a shit guide. and IS3 is a monster in real life

  13. ironlionuk

    dude , in real life is3 was twice bigger then comet , after ww2 ally was rly affraid of this monster

  14. iveri jajanidze

    is 3 wulf

  15. iveri jajanidze

    gaacue ra

  16. Zachary Kahle

    Dude the upper plate is stronger than the lower plate becuase It has more variety of angles, You want to catch an IS3 unknowing that you do not angle a tank with a pike nose

  17. Anax100

    and yet with my tortoise firing apcr, I can bounce the front plate 5 times out of 6. at cose range. unless something's changed, that front plate pen is bs now

  18. 86sarko

    gold noob guide!

  19. nurul syazana

    haha..well good luck if any of u wanna kill is3 with APCR

  20. aggelos vasiliou

    y to pen the is3 with the normal shels

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