World of Tanks – Welcome to War Stories | PS4

World of Tanks - Welcome to War Stories | PS4

Introducing World of Tanks War Stories: brand new Solo/Co-op PvE story-driven campaigns offering tankers the chance to relive historical events, discover alternate histories, or play-out fantasy campaigns.
World of Tanks is available on the PlayStation®4 and PS4™Pro. Dive into the free-to-play global online multiplayer phenomenon dedicated to the golden age of tank warfare in the mid-20th century.

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  1. xkeepfightingx

    Worl of arcade ))))

  2. piergiorgio caroli

    Will we gonna have a German campaign?

  3. Joseph Stalin

    There will be a story, where a KV-2 called "Big daddy Ivan". Will take out the whole Capitalist tanks in Europe, with the 152mm kannon. Guided by me, and with harden stalinuim, it will also be runned by salty tears. TRost me it's true, or gulag

  4. Joseph Stalin

    When the enemy KV-2 gets ammo racked

  5. Gay Retardation

    How do you play it? When i start it it says: Preparing for battle to begin. Elapsed time 2 min

  6. The Paranoid Blues Man

    Can anyone explain to me why I need to wait in a queue to play War Stories solo?

  7. Jason Roy

    This mode doesn't even work. Update FAIL

  8. павел быков

    1:13 of Yamato missed

  9. Eli Loewy

    Bruh it went from conventional to thermonuclear just like that

  10. Tivis7

    pc PLS

  11. Mayth Radical

    germany attacking cuba wut

  12. Killer Dog

    looks garbage. More like World of Bore.

  13. S4Razzee

    Consoles only? Why?!? Assigning a single team to one platform is a stupid idea. While consoles get more content, match-maker is still the old drunk one.

  14. Alexandre F


  15. TeamRandom


  16. Vincent LorĐ

    treiler is game engine??

  17. Михаил Ельцов

    Boring game

  18. 3bood408

    this game its like a SEGA game very poor game..

  19. megapet777

    I want this to pc too

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