World of Tanks. WGLNA Season 3 Finals. Interview with Valachio

World of Tanks. WGLNA Season 3 Finals. Interview with Valachio

World of Tanks League North America – Season 3
WGLNA Season 3 Finals – Interview with Valachio
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About the WGLNA:
The League North America is the premier World of Tanks league for professional WoT eSports competition in North America. The league features nightly broadcasts at 5pm PST on with rebroadcasts the next morning at 9am PST. Watch as the top teams compete for one of 16 spots in the league and for a chance at the 0,000 prize pool each season!

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About World of Tanks:
World of Tanks is a Free to Play team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. The game features over 200 vehicles from America, Germany, France and the USSR. Upgrade and customize historically accurate armored vehicles across unique classes that fit any play style, including light tanks, medium tanks, and heavy tanks. Use teamwork and strategy to destroy the competition across four game modes and geographically unique maps where tactics become the key to victory!

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  1. CupNoodles0025


  2. Nick Jiang


  3. IRIS

    I played a game with this guy today. He was in other side of the team…. 🙂 hope you liked my shot which I gave you 1000 damage 😉

  4. infinity_killer

    He has the highest stats on NA Server.. Well Done!

  5. ChernobylPizza

    Still don't agree with IS6 but props to Valacio for having success with that tank.

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