World of Tanks || WHAT THE FOCH!

World of Tanks – AMX 50 Foch. Today Depp_vomDienstO815 is going to have an incredible performance in the T9 French tank destroyer which will leave you shouting WHAT THE FOCH!?!

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  1. Дмитрий Беляцкий

    Привет из России

  2. Mikleve

    Nearly 11k damage an ace tanker… and it's just not enough is it?


    "It got good aimtime"

    …. Oh QB you have no clue how terrible this tank is.

  4. genocidal machine

    old focj with 155 would better than this shit with pathetic penetration…….

  5. Madame Minty

    He could've driven to his afk teammate and used him as a decoy :p

  6. ilham hensem

    i like games

  7. Archy11102

    5:56 – this is where he lost the game. By not shooting VK and going for Pershing instead.

  8. Bad Bad Kitty

    awesome tnx 😀

  9. Sukk Nikka Dikk 4 Free man

    That type 59 player must get play ban for 1 week

  10. spooty poo

    why do you ramble on so much at the beginning of each video?

  11. NoCapKillAll

    The only reason I've actually seen the Foch in games now, is because everyone wants the Foch 155 before it goes.

  12. Srbo Srbo

    Tittle: What the foch?

  13. isaiah belter

    Quicky you should do more Console replays. There's been some new additions such as a Campaign into the game.

  14. Tre Nac

    "VK was sidescraping very well"

  15. Balance Spinner

    Funny, just thought it would be an interesting series of you platooning with a noob… like someone you can train loosely about WOT. Not me, of course, bc I enjoying being a newb. Anywho, back to watching someone with redface or blushing.

  16. excusemaisweg ger

    Dont u mean foque?

  17. Liberty Cosworth

    Thanks to your information QB, I finished the xp on the amx ac48, pushed hard on the Foch, and completed it last Sunday, and I bought the Foch155 – just waiting on playing it when I don't have to put a permanent crew in it. It will be cool getting 2 tanks for the price of 1. Also in doing so, I accomplished the valedictorian mission and was given a Japanese HT 6. Kind of cool.. 🙂 Thanks again QB..

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