World of Tanks – WN8 Improvement and Credit Earning Tanks – Asymmetric Warrior Group

World of Tanks - WN8 Improvement and Credit Earning Tanks - Asymmetric Warrior Group

Here are my selections for the best mid-tier tanks to improve your WN8 and earn credits in World of Tanks.

Whether you’re trying to improve your ratings for your own satisfaction, or trying to join a clan, or just tired of being called a tomato in chat, these are the tanks you should focus on for raising your stats and ratings, while earning a decent amount of credits at the same time.

The most important factor in determining WN8 is damage, so I have focused on tanks with lower expected damage values and good survivability on the battlefield. Every tank in the game has an expected damage value, based on the average damage dealt by all players driving that tank on a given server. The expected damage values used in this guide apply to the World of Tanks EU server, and may differ from the values for the US or SEA servers.

Why is damage the most important factor in determining WN8? Think of it this way: Each team has a hit point pool, determined by adding the hit points together for each of the 15 tanks on the team. As a member of a team, it is your job to help reduce that pool.

Think, Adapt, Anticipate.

Expected WN8 damage table available at:
Aslain’s modpack installer available at:

Please ignore ALL references to Shell Shockers clan. I do NOT endorse or recommend this clan any longer. Too much drama, and too many young, power trip hungry players.
If you want a relaxed and fun clan, go here:

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  1. Cristian Micu

    well i didnt enjoy this fkin game

  2. Bjørn Wikan

    And this is why i use a mod that show me what average tier people play, so i dont think a player is good when he have a average tier of 5-6. that you have green blue or purple dont make you a good player, not if you are stat padding in low tier,

  3. blekdeni

    do you still play WOT?

  4. Jihadi Jamal

    my wn8 is 2 🙁

  5. Derek Walker

    excellent video. great info for beginner tankers. I wish I had found this video when I first started.

  6. depre

    do you kemp bush and unfair plain?

  7. Frank Jiggins

    how do I get that carousel u use with damage needed

  8. Denis Pšeničnyj

    Thanks dude, you really helped me with this! Now my WN8 get just bigger and bigger, not fast, but it goes up! Thanks so much 🙂

  9. Daniel Neumann

    ELC AMX? Oh yeah…

  10. Maxime Doval-L'Heureux

    Where's the T67?!?

  11. Djest

    Attention tankers. Tanks alone, will not improve your gameplay. If you want to work on those tank muscles. Study the maps, positions on the maps, and what tanks work in those positions/can get there in time to get cover and set up. Gather prior knowledge. Learn about view range, camouflage rating, side scraping/Reverse SC/Armor angling in general. Learn about gun depression/elevation. If I know anything worth passing on to new players, it's that a good position/well timed attack, will turn even bottom tier tanks into a force to be reckoned with. Head these words and you will improve your gameplay. And you will reap the maximum volume of rewards no matter what tier or tank you play.

  12. Javid Nasirov

    hi thanks for video, i want to understand wn8 rating calculates our efficency one by one for our tanks and then takes average, or? i mean there are wn8 ratings for tanks and overoll, how overall calculate?

  13. Chippy Tucker

    Non turret TD's  I just can't run….

  14. No Wack Records

    I cant get the expected damage in garage to work, i can't even find it. how i do that? thanks in advance

  15. ZeMzA

    Before I started to care about wn8 I had below average stats, so when I decided to care I picked my best tank(that I did good in), and just grind it. Which was the T-34, added 400 games in it, and now I'm at above average wn8. What you've pointed out is perfect for newer players, and players that struggle with wn8. Wish I would have found this video before I started lol. Recently though the Japanese heavies came in, and the O-I exp has been by far, my all time favorite tank to play and stat pad. Lol can't beat going 40km/h on a flat surface with a 100 ton tank at tier 5.

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