1. Anfield

    I feel like this may come up a few times so just to be clear when I mention both tanks having 7 degrees, I'm strictly referring to the sides, only the wz maintains 7 in the front, but as you can almost always play hills to your side depression this is mostly a moot advantage

  2. RobTheFlopOTS

    A guy in your stream sent you some "credits". What do you mean? Surely not ingame credits. You mean gold you could convert to credits?

  3. RugbyLock0914

    Noob question. What is the difference between the regular session and the try hard session?

  4. RugbyLock0914

    Nice vid again Anfiled! Do you use any specific xvm mod pack?

  5. Анатолий Гаделев

    да пошёл ты нахуй

  6. Blake Bauman

    Which has better armor?

  7. Alexis Aeon

    WZ 111 5A – nice tier 11 med

  8. Galapos

    Wz111 5a

  9. Dale Ackerman

    Overstated enough. Not understated

  10. Gabriel 00nix

    Please help me, idk which I choose. One of those will be my first X tank