World of Tanks || WZ-111G – Tank Review

World of Tanks || WZ-111G - Tank Review

World of Tanks – WZ-111G. Today I’m looking at the T9 Chinese tank destroyer with a T10 gun the WZ-111G aka the Fat-ISU!

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  1. Gallant Fatco Razy

    WG : looks like we need to buff obj 704,, its getting powercreeped now

  2. Coelancanth

    Tomatoes …

  3. 999is666upsidedown

    oh this game still exists

  4. DragonFire Blitz

    I want this thing in WoTB ;-;

  5. LaGG Productions

    To me it looks like the 704 could use a little bit of a buff to some of its stats, mainly frontal armor

  6. sven prins

    marry lower pie transmission rescue false supervisor study likely any.

  7. Anzai Chiyomi


  8. Bai Cristiane

    Hy QB! i admire you but wtf is that thing with skill? You are like ronaldo and messi! We (your fans and skill's fans) want to see u colaborate. I know you both live from stream but it for us, your fans:) Njoy the game and dont act like 2 kinder garden kids. Thank u very much! i'll post this on every of your yt videos.

  9. Jose Emiliani

    I feel for you QB I hate when people don't cover the base

  10. ThatPersonInTheComments

    An even larger hp jump is from the Jagdpanther II to the Jagdtiger, 1150 hp to 2100, almost an extra 1000hp

  11. Ben Taylor

    It's the Strv. 103-0 Tier IX. Not the Strv. 103B Tier X. Little mess up. 🙂

  12. Leo Hongisto

    it's so nice when you moved your face a little bit so we can se the chat and more on the screen. good

  13. Delta

    90mm of pen on scorpion?!

  14. Max Maas

    It's ugly, but that's why I love it.

  15. Ville Lepoaho

    QB, could you talk about WG's current pay-to-win specials? Remember when December used to be the best month in WoT? Well, not anymore. No discounts on camo. No discounts on equipment. Tier 1-7 tanks are not on sale. Crew training is only for sale in gold. Next year, we will probably only have the E 25 on a 5% sale.

  16. InsanityGamer15

    This vehicle needs to be added to Xbox! It’s so good, and can you tell me, which out of these tanks are worth the most for a grind to the top? T110E5, Maus, Panzer Kamperwagen VII, FV4005 or Deathstar, STB-1 or the Centurion AX?

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