World of Tanks : Xbox 360 – Amazing Team Game in T-29

This a great game we had on Sand River Encounter battle, Getting both Brothers in Arms and Crucial Contribution. This is just an example of how good the T-29 is in my opinion, and also how to play as a team. Working together with good communication can wreck almost any team you play against.


  1. shitty videos productions

    I'm on the xbox one and it's so bright!

  2. OpTic FuZzy

    Its a little white

  3. OpTic FuZzy

    Its to white to see

  4. Hell's Gate

    are you irish?

  5. Andrew Daniel

    Which do u think is better for the t29 for equipment, vents/rammer/vstap or vents/rammer/large sprall liner

  6. Andrew Daniel

    R u color blind or r u one of though people that like the color purple for enemys instead of red. If u r color blind u just met another color blind that play's WoT.



  8. DiscoStick

    just fucking lucky game..

  9. Nemo1235

    How did you make the enemy team purple?

  10. Brendon Shelton

    Awesome gameplay mate

  11. Serenity177 Pls

    The T29 is an EXCELLENT tier7 heavy. IMO it may be the best on 360 out of the other lines released. It's almost op on console, shhh. 😉

  12. Fisherman466

    I just got destroyed in my panther but, my tanks is in tact. The only modules destroyed is the gun and i got tracked. All of my crew are alive. Could somebody give me a explanation.

  13. TheTophatDoge

    i hate playing with the tier 9 tanks i wish that stop cause if i try i cant pen those tier 9

  14. R3d phoenix

    Nice i have the T29 thus is a realy nice tank 😀

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