World of Tanks Xbox 360 Best Tank?

WizardKen here and this was a subject brought up in my last video that i thought would be a great conversation to do.

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  1. TheKiller 18

    no se si es que tenes lag o que sos muy noob… ni idea pero si se que perdi 15 min de mi vida en estas feas partidas.

  2. Broody Citrus

    I remember when the xbox wot garage looked like thos

  3. Grand Chicken

    Misleading thumbnail + Why the fuck would you need double gun and missiles on a tank

  4. FOXSTREP 61

    hellcat ok add?in xbox 360?

  5. József GLászló-Deme


  6. József GLászló-Deme

  7. KineticPixell

    why would you use that stupid thumbnail of a future tank if World of Tanks is about WW2 Tanks…..
    don't use clickbait. it is the worst

  8. bask185

    goddamn it, im mislead by thumbnail _"

  9. karlox211

    Damn the clickbait is real

  10. PALADIN josh

    Can anyone help?? What should I get, a M110E5, IS-4, IS-7,E-100 or a T57 Heavy?

  11. FRCAT TV

    nice movie,

    But i prefer this game on PC.


  12. Samuel Fugatt

    Hellcat on steroids

  13. imedi

    best heavy kv1 or churchhill 1 ………… TD flack bus or wolverine french CA not bad either

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