World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Gameplay – Part 1 „BASIC TRAINING“

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„World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition is a multiplayer video game similar to World of Tanks by for the Xbox 360. The game was announced during Microsoft’s E3 2013 press event. It is expected for release in August 2013.“ – Wikipedia

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  2. RaPz Force

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  3. Ashley Thomson

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  4. XxgameplayerxX - MINECRAFT, ROBLOX AND MORE

    i play world of tanks on my xbox 360 and i had a xbox love party because it's a trick you gotta try it out dude

  5. alucard hellsing

    Nazi tanks have the second highest damage and health and England has the first

  6. Brian

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  10. Boni Lapuz

    I really wouldnt recommend the USA because they do go by history, correct? So the USA prefers quantity over quality, so the tanks are not very good. Honestly, i havent seen any American tanks ever since I have gone to tier 4 tanks in the mobile app

  11. Mike Poin

    ure good youtuber

  12. WarTurtle

    Best game ever my gamer tags is wwii_defender1

  13. A. F. Cardoso

    dah its german for gods sake

  14. ThAt OnE OsTrIcH

    I got accepted to the beta, too. 🙂 P.S. This is the first video I've seen by you. I looked up "World of Tanks" and I found this. I LOVE World of Tanks!

  15. Aaron Chadwick

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