World of Tanks Xbox 360 How To Gain Eperience Points Faster

WizardKen here showing you how I gain quick experience points on World of Tanks Xbox 360. I will show you how i skip basic tanks and end up on teir 6 in two days! This was a question asked by one of you. So remember ask me questions and i may just do a video on it!

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  1. jimmyjunkmail

    Wait if you get premium for… 7 days every battle you win u get 1k200?

  2. David Ghibusi


  3. toxicvader

    Getting ready for the tiger hammer event for this month ? that tiger will come in handy and will be my second premium tank. my first is a valentine 2 soviet premium tank due to i went heavy soviet line.

  4. Ben Saahil

    Spelling mistake in title

  5. TheRealGuyDownStairs

    Just this still work with the new updates?


    Ok, i hate , like most of the people, being cheated!! Please somebody explain me this. I was playing Tier VII with my american tank destroyer for the first time. I sat on a corner wating for the enemy to come my way and also having a great sight where i spotted very well the enemies. I destroyed 5 tanks, spotted 3 of them for my team. I received a lot of hits but gave them back more damage, lets say it was my best game of the day. I was destroyed at the end and my team lost. Then when the score came i have lost 11,000 silver and a lot of xp, both number shown in red. I said Wtf!!! The tank was the T25 AT. I had like 9 gold coins and 1,450,000 silver before that match and my supplies where not set to automatic reload. The thing is the number stood still. No changed but neither i won the great numbers i won in the battle that then came to appear in red. What happened there?

  7. TheJmeister

    he calls it a T114 its T14

  8. Kim Lincoln

    k I don't have good tanks I need help with ranking up my besttank is t 57see I am weekhelp 🙂

  9. Louis De Vos

    Good For You. Yo$ entertain cheap What's your opinion about that, guys

  10. Finn Phillips

    Sup yo! Great Discovery. living motionless What's happening, guys. !!!

  11. Bryson Bridgewater

    You got a Teir 7 in 2 days and it takes me 1 month to get a Teir 7 lol

  12. Wah Yudi

    Hi friend!
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    You switch shells by pressing A which is how I know on Xbox


    Thank you I hope this works I am going down the t1 line and not going for the t40 anymore but I am going for the last tank in the line of the t67 and helicat they are both in the same line also tell me if that is a good line to go down please

  15. Dan Channer

    Good vid, dude.

  16. Drink me

    Just tell us how to get xp all your talking about is preminum

  17. Drink me

    Dude were not noobs for christ sake

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