1. Farmer Ozai

    They have actual penetration holes on where you shoot them! Fking PC get a picture of a hole haha!

  2. Summit Beatz

    Unless thoes things that you show on the video have never happen to you before idk why you put “Best moments” all of thoes things happen to everyone , idk why shooting a full clip of a auto loader is so cool for you

  3. Gaming Orca Rock

    Battle field??

  4. Zackey Hassan

    i hate wot console Voice crew..like a moronn crews eat durians

  5. BanglerGaming

    I'm you 100th sub

  6. Texans #1

    Is this the free game world of tanks

  7. Brandon Rosas

    Maus es una bestia.

  8. Emilio Lugo


  9. alan xian

    7:20, I'm not sure this is WoT!

  10. Wyatt Langfoss

    Oh man I almost forgot about infantry and helicopters in world of tanks

  11. Unknow User

    graphic is better than PC.

  12. SaGaTv

    Can we make a platoon?


    I don't get how the clips were epic but ok I guess I'm not going to hate

  14. Liew Yue hang

    no ofc but that radio voice is gay

  15. SkeletorRises

    What was the last game?

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