World of Tanks: Xbox One vs Xbox 360 vs PC Comparison

No version looks alike in this three-way comparison, where Xbox One shows off a native 1920×1080 image with completely revamped textures from the PC and 360 releases. New lighting effects and rolling clouds are added, as well as a fully 3D backdrop in the distance not seen on PC’s top settings. Not bad!

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  1. Sebastian Rivera

    Pc-1-2k for good one. XO/PS4-200-500 bucks. Not all of us have rich parents kids.

  2. TourdeFrance20131

    not bad I like the game on the xbox360 nice and smooth the xbox1 looks really amazing PC looks the best of all but the graphics are so over the top that the objects are so smooth that it doesnt look real anymore just some blocks here and there and in between too many lines but pc is the best.

    If you look at the xbox1 it is more then enough since everything looks really smooth so no fading like the 360 and not too shart to spot the lines from the pc graphics. The game console wins since the consoles are not expensive at all and the games can be played on a beamer really well.

    If you buy a pc fast enough to play the game really smooth then you already need to spent 800euro and upwards to 2000 euro while you can own a xbox1 for 200euro and buy a good laptop for 500 or 600 euro so you have a game console and a laptop instead of only one lumpy pc

  3. UssKroms Kroms

    PC version has less ground detail thenxbox one.

  4. Luis Diego Anchetta Cordero

    Do a PS4 VS PS4 Pro VS Xbox 360 VS Xbox One VS Xbox One X VS PC comparison.

  5. SᖇᗷᖇOOK

    Xbox One WINS

  6. George Preston

    Master race for the win

  7. Windows xperia

    World of tanks sucks

  8. Чеширский Кот

    And ps4!

  9. Борис Кошкин

    PC with X360 suck.)

  10. worshipgirlsfeet1

    Fucking consoles!!!

  11. Il Valentino

    How do some elitists not realize that others have FRIENDS and some of those FRIENDS play on console?

  12. Luigisfriend84

    U don't notice when ur playing the game on 360 but if u play xbox one and pc it just looks so much better but I only have a 360 so yeah

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