1. Дмитрий Ванин

    РАК с рогами! Но в 4К.

  2. Carmine Di Mambro

    Camo net and binocs on a heavy? Man are you fucking kiddin me ? Really ? OMG

  3. Fox Die

    How long does it take you to get an armory full of decent tanks, without out spending money?

  4. Jeffise TV

    12:57 rip the amorack


    4k on console, way better than on pc

  6. kyleplier

    Now I most definitely want an Xbox One X. Although some of you might call me stupid for this but I'm going to take my know how I'm going to disassemble the son of a bitch and I'm going to put my own God damn Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste on the APU I am not going to have a $500 paperweight!

    I can tell just from the 1440p 60 FPS resolution that my Galaxy S7 can run on the OLED screen that you are running 4K native 30 FPS. Right now my most powerful system is my PS4 Pro and I do have an Xbox One S with full intentions on upgrading to the Xbox One X. The best you get with this game on PS4 Pro is 1800p native 30 FPS.

    My Gamertag is Kyleplier1985

  7. Олег помидоров