World of Tanks Xbox One/Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison

World of Tanks Xbox One/Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison

A wander through Prokhorovka on both consoles to compare the graphics. Oh my!
Here’s a full battle in the Jagdpanzer E-100 on Abbey Xbox One in full HD:

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  1. Wreckfest

    Some people say xbox 360 have better colours, but it isnt true, xbox one have more realistic colours, you feel like in battlefield 1 , you will see that realism in real life, so xbox one is clearly better, and more vegetation but.. xbox 360 try to keep up, and i have to say that it looks damn good! It looks better than on my 800$ gaming laptop ( bought in 2013 ).. and considering that xbox 360 was with 400$ in 2005.. that is why i choosed after 11 years of using pc and laptop to go on console! 😀

  2. fukker ______

    nindento vs. super nintendo

  3. Pablo De Freitas Charango: Musica y Sonido

    04:58 jagdpanzer e100 artylery was arrived

  4. Death Bot

    Of course the graphics are going to be better on the newer gen console. I must of spent 30 min in my garage checking out the tanks when I first got my XBox one s.

  5. nick hemmers

    this gotta be boring playing on the 360 with no sound

  6. BigJonXD

    Anyone else suffering from being destroyed by thelegend27

  7. Oscar Haygood

    both systems are fun better colors and graphics on the one but my tv with hdmi cable on 360 is pretty cool to my son playes it on the one and ima 360 guy when it comes to this game i guess im just use to the 360 version

  8. PcQ

    Not too much of a diffrence, i'll just wait until the next xbox after xbox one comes out, the xbox one isnt worth getting at this point in my opinion.

  9. Gaming Therapy

    xbox 360 ıs better

  10. sniperpatch

    360 looks a way better than the 1,

  11. xbox360games xbox360games

    litle beter 360 litl